I see the Stars and Stripes above me.
I hear the sounds of Taps and rifles in the background.
I see my wife and children huddled together like a mother hen
protecting her children. tears filling their eyes.
I feel the movement as I am lowered into the cold hard ground.
I feel the cold as the earth takes over my body.
Don't cry for me I call out but my wife can no longer hear.
Remember me but don't cry. I would do it all again.
I would do it for them and I do it for God.
I do it so no man will be under Tyranny.
I do it for duty to country and what we stand for.
I would do it for the hungry child that is left behind,
the widowed mother, all that could not do it
for themselves, and so all may be free.
Would I do it again? Yes I would do it again.
Don't cry for me but don't forget my cause.
Remember me but don't cry for me for I am free.
Yes I would do it all again.

Dedicated to all those that gave their lives that we may live.
by CSM Bernard B Barger U.S.Army (RET)

Born on 07/04/1942~ Went to Heaven on 01/31/2011

Dedicated to a good friend and former colleague...