My grandmother Agnes passed away on March 30, 2008. This was my contribution to the family history album dedicated to her memory.

I always enjoyed having a continuous in touch relationship with my Grandma Agnes via phone calls, cards, letters and various visits.  I last saw Grandma at my college graduation in May 1994.  She and Aunt Anne came for my graduation from the University of Colorado.  I received a BA in History with Cum Laude honors during this last visit with Grandma.

She attended my high school graduation from Weld Central High School in 1987 too.  Having her attend both graduations was important and they reside high in my memories now.  Each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were important to her.  Family made her the caregiver she was.

I always enjoyed receiving her letters.  I really miss that now.  Going to the mailbox and seeing one of Grandma’s letters there was always a treat.  Writing is a forgotten art nowadays.  I have a box of her letters and cards.   These are precious to me.  Her checks, cookies and homemade gifts were special too.  She made me a quilt, blanket and slippers all by hand.  She was an extraordinary talent at sewing and quilt making.

When I was a child she would give me games and puzzles whenever my family visited her in Salt Lake City.  We spent hours visiting and putting puzzles together or playing a game.  These moments I remember with fondness and they shall always hold a special place in my heart.

She loved gardening and wrote me gardening tips for much of my adult life.  I now have a green thumb myself and owe it to Grandma.  My office colleagues tell me I can keep a plant alive when theirs die.  I adopt plants people don’t want and keep them beautifully green and growing.  I think of Grandma every time I plant a flower or see a beautiful plant.

May Grandma be at peace and rest in the arms of Jesus forever.  She only lived on the earth for a time and now has gone home to her permanent home, heaven.  I will miss her.