Angry Sports Fan As most of you know I am a historian of Auschwitz, the Holocaust and WWII.  I am not a sports fan, especially of football.  I live in Denver, the hometown of the Denver Broncos.  These past few weeks,  there has been non stop news regarding their championship game and Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks on 02/02/20/14.  I am disgusted and sick of hearing about it.

I became absolutely offended when International Holocaust Remembrance Day was commemorated on 01/27/2014.  Not one media outlet in Denver mentioned the primary commemoration at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland.  No other events were mentioned at Yad Vashem or the U.S. Holocaust Museum.  This never ending discussion of the 'Stupor Bowl' drowned out any news about International Holocaust Remembrance Day. National news media outlets, such as ABC, mentioned IHRM, on their websites.  The non-mention of this important day in Denver was an insult and offensive to every Holocaust survivor, members of their families and those who educate to ensure young people and adults are educated about the Holocaust and why it happened.  As a Holocaust historian I was absolutely offended that football news took preference over IHRM.

To make matters worse my physical health and life were threatened by a criminal and violent customer at my local grocery store. I was shaking when I got home. I was so terrified. People are just f******* nuts when it comes to sports although I think this man forgot to take his medication before he went to the store. I would also bet he has a criminal record for domestic violence and assault and battery. His wife said nothing and I bet she was beaten up during the game because the Donkeys are losing.
Who knows, he might have a meltdown and be on the news tonight.

This is from my review from Yelp for King Soopers store #39 on 3190 S. Parker Rd Aurora, CO 80014.

I have been a customer at this store for many years.  I will not be returning.  Today I was waiting for my order to be totaled and my coupons deducted.  Another group of customers were standing within six inches of the credit card payment machine.  I asked them to back off for security reasons.  I want people at least two feet away from the register when I am preparing to pay.

They had not moved and I asked them again.  They refused.  I asked the cashier, Lamar W., if he could politely ask them to give me some space so I could finish my transaction.  The group of folks behind me then started yelling at me saying they don't want to move.  I asked for a manager to mediate this situation.

I tried to speak to Rebecca, the manager.  The rude customers behind me would not even let me speak and were yelling over me.  I told them loudly that each person speaks one at a time.  I stated that I asked nicely once and non one listened to me or my wishes,  They then dared tell me I was in the wrong for raising my voice because they have children.  I told them that the fact they were yelling at a fellow customer in front of their children was a very bad example to set to their children. The man also couldn't speak properly and use correct grammar when he was yelling at me.  I promptly corrected all of his mistakes.

The same man in the group threatened to commit physical assault against me.  I told him if he dared he would be in jail so fast. This man threatened my safety and life in front of his children.  I think that is child neglect.  I told Rebecca to please summon a security guard to walk me out to my car since I had been threatened.  She said they didn't have a security guard.  This was an obvious lie as I have seen one in there on every single visit.

Rebecca did get the rude threatening low lives to go to another check stand  so I could check out.  I had to ask Glenn W., the cashier, to walk me out to my car.  I was very appreciative and give him the most credit in this situation. He helped me put my groceries in my trunk and stood there until I drove away,  Thanks for doing the right thing Glenn W.

I told Rebecca that I am a longtime customer and spend a lot of money at her store and she was not watching out for my comfort or safety in her store. Her excuse was, "It is a busy day." What bad customer service.  She doesn't give a f*** about her customers.

The low lives were buying food for their Super Bowl (Stupor Bowl) game and were impatient.  I told them they should have planned to buy their food accordingly, not two hours before the game.  I told them they were being rude to and threatening other customers with physical harm because they were impatient.

This King Soopers is in a blight ridden shopping center with dangerous customers.  For that reason I will never go to this store.  The manager even had the nerve to tell me not to raise my voice when the low life customers did it to me first then threatened my physical safety and life.

This is a dangerous store which doesn't care about its customers.  I will be finding another King Soopers location which actually appreciates my business.

Needless to say I can now say stupor bowl group think causes violence and intimidation.  I should have known better than to go to the store today,  I thought all the football automatons would have started watching stupor bowl coverage at 11 AM.  I know better now.