Cemetery Crawl Book Cover Taking a walk through history with a sense of humor. Prostitutes, Politicians, Millionaires, Mobsters, Teachers, Klansmen, Death, The Great Equalizers of Life [Kindle Edition] by Cynthia Southern

A "Cemetery Crawl" is usually comprised of a group of intellectuals following a Historian through an old graveyard. The Historian recounts the history of well known people who are buried in the Cemetery. This is a good way to get out into the sun and learn something about the past at the same time.

A good Cemetery Crawl can teach you all about The Old West, prominent pioneers, gun fighters, ladies of the evening, brothels, politicians, crooks, thieves, the good guys and the bad guys.

The graves we visit in the book are Madam Lou Bunch, Temple Hoyne Buell, John Wesley Iliff, John Chivington, Dr. J.G. Locke, Emily Griffith, Ione T. Hanna, John and Mary Elitch, William N. Byers, Louise Hill, Walter Cheesman, Levi and Millie Booth, Robert and Kate Speer, Adolph Zang, Frederick Anschutz, David Halliday Moffat, Frederick Gilmore Bonfils, Henry Moore Teller, Lou "The Fixer" Blonger and Polly Pry a.k.a. Leonel Ross O’Bryan. This cemetery crawl took place in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, United States.

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