This is an exceptional book and program I became aware of recently. This program attempts to eliminate bullying, gossiping and rumor spreading thru the use of positive words. If you have nothing positive to say about someone don't say it. Always say positive things about someone.

This program is endorsed by Tom Cruise, Goldie Hawn, Senator Tom Daschle, Robert Schuler, Senator Sam Brownback and others. Per the Words Can Heal Website this program is a national campaign to eliminate verbal violence, curb gossip and promote the healing power of words to enhance relationships at every level.

Gossip hurts and wounds most everyone. It is a form of workplace violence and is the silent killer of the working world. It harms relationships in churches, families, at school and almost anywhere people interact with one another. The Words Can Heal website is There is also a companion book which I also think is very beneficial for those dealing with gossip and rumors in their lives or who just want to interact better with his or her fellow human beings.

I also recommend these websites Gossip - A Form of Workplace Violence. This is an article dealing with gossip in the workplace and how malicious and harmful it can be. The other is Got Questions. This website details what the Bible says about gossip.

Go out there,speak nicely and be positive. The world can be a much better place if we try to make it so. We can have our disagreements about politics and other things but we can all find a way to agree to disagree and get along. There is no need to fight, argue and be mean towards others.